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Great Book

We Do:
Wedding Vows That Work
(and keep you happily married!)

Write, Understand & Remember your Wedding Vows

Marriage is BIG. We take a vow before 'God and everybody' to love 'til death do us part. But what do traditional vows mean? 1/3 of couples write their own vows. Where do they start? Once married, how do you stay happy and true? We Do helps with all three.

Though this book is an extremely easy read, it is full of thought provoking insights... ~DJ D.

Great book to help write vows and prompt good dialogue between partners. ~Jesse M.



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Greater Support

What do you get when you start out with the book, We Do: Wedding Vows That Work (and keep you happily married!) and then ADD a Bride's Workbook and a Groom's Workbook?

Everything you need to write your own wedding vows

While We Do is a great resource, adding the workbooks really does give you a greater degree of support and guidance in writing your wedding vows.  The workbooks add more questions and fun projects.  Additionally they will become treasured keepsakes you will refer back to again and again as your love and marriage deepens and grows.

The workbooks add so much more to the process.  Plus, it's so much fun to look back over them when I am feeling romantic ~ Mary H.


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Greatest Value

Get the greatest amount of help at the greatest value!  What do you include in your wedding vows? How do you make sure that your vows fit with your partner's vows?

Why not work with the expert?

With over 800 weddings to his credit, Rev. Rob knows a thing or two about writing wedding vows. He will lead you and your partner through several fun and fast paced  conversations to get the most out of your vows.  He will help you write them, and more importantly, he will help you live into them every day for the rest of your lives!

Rev. Rob was so easy to talk to.  He really helped us get to the heart of our vows.  ~ Jen K.

$197 if purchased separately 

Bundle Price $147 Save $50!