ISBN: 978-0-9975342-0-7
Price: $15.97 Paperback | $9.97 Kindle Edition

We Do
Wedding Vows That Work
(and keep you happily married)

Write, Understand & Remember your Wedding Vows

Marriage is BIG. We take a vow before 'God and everybody' to love 'til death do us part. But what do traditional vows mean? 1/3 of couples write their own vows. Where do they start? Once married, how do you stay happy and true? We Do helps with all three.

This book is for you if you want...

  • to write your own vows
  • to understand traditional vows. What is a 'troth' anyway and how do you 'plight' it?
  • your marriage to last a lifetime.
  • "HELP! It's 1:00 the night before our wedding and I still need to write my vows!" Relax, skip to the vows writing worksheets. You'll write a great set of vows that won't sound like you copied them off the internet. But go back later and read the rest of this book!

We Do. Part story, part wisdom, part workbook, you'll laugh, you'll cry, but most of all your vows will last a lifetime.